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Largest places in Philippines

The largest cities and places in Philippines at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Philippines.

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Largest places in Philippines
Kalilangan Kalilangan451.Northern Mindanao Northern Mindanao14,456
Eustaquio Lopez Eustaquio Lopez452.Western Visayas Western Visayas14,408
Oton Oton453.Western Visayas Western Visayas14,395
Roxas Roxas454.Mimaropa Mimaropa14,335
Burauen Burauen455.Eastern Visayas Eastern Visayas14,268
Dalipuga Dalipuga456. 14,242
Bacacay Bacacay457.Bicol Bicol14,109
Gubat Gubat458.Bicol Bicol13,999
Bulihan Bulihan459.Calabarzon Calabarzon13,979
Dalican Dalican460.Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao13,918
Ocana Ocaña461.Central Visayas Central Visayas13,898
Makilala Makilala462.Soccsksargen Soccsksargen13,829
Manggahan Manggahan463.Calabarzon Calabarzon13,825
Bansud Bansud464.Mimaropa Mimaropa13,758
Casisang Casisang465.Northern Mindanao Northern Mindanao13,722
Maranding Maranding466.Northern Mindanao Northern Mindanao13,694
Bula Bula467.Bicol Bicol13,694
Nibaliw Central Nibaliw Central468.Ilocos Ilocos13,631
Lianga Lianga469.Caraga Caraga13,623
Vinzons Vinzons470.Bicol Bicol13,617
Pagsangahan Pagsañgahan471.Calabarzon Calabarzon13,573
Minalin Minalin472.Central Luzon Central Luzon13,527
Daanbantayan Daanbantayan473.Central Visayas Central Visayas13,439
Pio Duran Pio Duran474.Bicol Bicol13,249
Tucuran Tucuran475.Zamboanga Peninsula Zamboanga Peninsula13,148
Villasis Villasis476.Ilocos Ilocos13,122
Payocpoc Sur Payocpoc Sur477.Ilocos Ilocos13,107
Rosales Rosales478.Ilocos Ilocos13,105
Lutayan Lutayan479.Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao13,080
Codcod Codcod480.Western Visayas Western Visayas13,026
Toboso Toboso481.Western Visayas Western Visayas13,006
Labuan Labuan482.Zamboanga Peninsula Zamboanga Peninsula12,949
Sipocot Sipocot483.Bicol Bicol12,916
Janiuay Janiuay484.Western Visayas Western Visayas12,896
Malandag Malandag485.Soccsksargen Soccsksargen12,867
Kalamansig Kalamansig486.Soccsksargen Soccsksargen12,821
Norala Norala487.Davao Davao12,750
Urbiztondo Urbiztondo488.Ilocos Ilocos12,734
Tigbauan Tigbauan489.Western Visayas Western Visayas12,659
Caburan Caburan490.Davao Davao12,618
Siasi Siasi491.Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao12,566
South Upi South Upi492.Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao12,538
Maco Maco493.Davao Davao12,520
Tigaon Tigaon494.Bicol Bicol12,509
Guihing Proper Guihing Proper495.Davao Davao12,466
Barra Barra496.Northern Mindanao Northern Mindanao12,442
San Mariano San Mariano497.Cagayan Valley Cagayan Valley12,441
Mabitac Mabitac498.Calabarzon Calabarzon12,398
Mangatarem Mangatarem499.Ilocos Ilocos12,392
Amungan Amuñgan500.Central Luzon Central Luzon12,357

451 - 500 of 500 places
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