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Places in Philippines with AL

Search and find places in Philippines with first letters AL.

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Alphabetical index of places in Philippines with AL

There are 424 places in Philippines beginning with 'AL' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Al-alinao Norte   to   Alambijud
Places in Philippines with AL
Al-alinao Norte Al-alinao Norte1.Ilocos Ilocos-
Al-alinao Sur Al-alinao Sur2.Ilocos Ilocos-
Al-Alutin Al-Alutin3.Ilocos Ilocos-
Al-langigan Al-langigan4.Ilocos Ilocos-
Al-lay Al-lay5.Cordillera Cordillera-
Alab Alab6.Cordillera Cordillera-
Alab Oriente Alab Oriente7.Cordillera Cordillera-
Alabaan Alabaan8.Ilocos Ilocos-
Alabang Alabang9.Calabarzon Calabarzon-
Alabang Hills Village Alabang Hills Village10.Calabarzon Calabarzon-
Alabang Puro Alabang Puro11.Bicol Bicol-
Alabat Alabat12.Calabarzon Calabarzon7,910
Alabel Alabel13.Soccsksargen Soccsksargen43,312
Alabiao Alabiao14.Cagayan Valley Cagayan Valley-
Alabidhan Alabidhan15.Western Visayas Western Visayas-
Alabug Alabug16.Cagayan Valley Cagayan Valley3,075
Alabug West Alabug West17.Cagayan Valley Cagayan Valley-
Alac Alac18.Ilocos Ilocos3,430
Alac Alac19.Western Visayas Western Visayas-
Alacaac Alacaac20.Central Luzon Central Luzon-
Alacan Alacan21.Ilocos Ilocos-
Alacan Alacan22.Ilocos Ilocos-
Alacaygan Alacaygan23.Western Visayas Western Visayas-
Alacaygan Alacaygan24.Western Visayas Western Visayas2,598
Alad Alad25.Mimaropa Mimaropa-
Alad Alad26.Mimaropa Mimaropa2,543
Alae Alae27.Northern Mindanao Northern Mindanao5,121
Alagan Alagan28.Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao-
Alagao Alagao29.Calabarzon Calabarzon-
Alagao Alagao30.Central Luzon Central Luzon-
Alagao Alagao31.Mimaropa Mimaropa-
Alagingay Alagingay32.Western Visayas Western Visayas-
Alaguia Alaguia33.Cagayan Valley Cagayan Valley-
Alaguisoc Alaguisoc34.Western Visayas Western Visayas-
Alah Alah35.Soccsksargen Soccsksargen-
Alah Alah36.Soccsksargen Soccsksargen-
Alah Valley Alah Valley37.Soccsksargen Soccsksargen-
Alahag Alahag38.Mimaropa Mimaropa-
Alajag Alajag39.Eastern Visayas Eastern Visayas-
Alakaygan Alakaygan40.Western Visayas Western Visayas-
Alala Village Alala Village41.Metro Manila Metro Manila-
Alalay Alalay42.Ilocos Ilocos-
Alalay Chica Alalay Chica43.Central Luzon Central Luzon-
Alalay Grande Alalay Grande44.Central Luzon Central Luzon-
Alaludig Alaludig45.Cordillera Cordillera-
Alaludig Alaludig46.Ilocos Ilocos-
Alam Alam47.Cordillera Cordillera-
Alamada Alamada48.Soccsksargen Soccsksargen4,987
Alamao Alamao49.Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao-
Alambijud Alambijud50.Central Visayas Central Visayas-

1 - 50 of 424 places
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